Italian Plum Tree and Patch

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We have an Italian Plum Tree which I tried to prune myself last year, resulting in essentially no plums this year. In past years, we had what I think were fruit flies in most of the mature plums, likely due to dropped plums. I'd love help caring for our plum tree and figuring out how to prevent fruit flies without using harsh pesticides.

Below the plum tree is also a raised bed installed by a prior owner. I'd love to see it used for veggies, herbs, fruit or whatever you think would work. Due to the tree, it is in partial shade.

I know very little about gardening but would be happy to help maintain the patch up to about an hour per week (with instructions)! We have two small children (1 and 3), who would also love to learn about gardening and would benefit from our share of the produce.

I responded "recommended" for lead testing because we haven't tested the soil ourselves. I suppose that for the raised bed, we would probably want to remove the current soil and replace it anyway?

< 50 sq ft
Number of Patches available: 
70% to Planter
Lead/soil testing: 


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