How We Patch works

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It’s simple! After setting up your account, you can post a listing to the We Patch board as either a planter (someone looking for gardening space) or a partner (someone with gardening space to offer), and respond to listings posted by others. Browse the listings or use our customizable search function to match yourself to a planter or partner in your area. Once you’ve found a good fit, you’re ready to start your garden.

We Patch is completely free and easy to use, so sign up now and see what grows!

Why use We Patch?

There are numerous ways that shared gardening can benefit you, your community, and your planet. Here are just a few:

  • Improve your health.

    Like your mother, we here at We Patch implore you to eat your vegetables, and not just to keep you regular. A produce-rich diet provides essential nutrients for health and maintenance of the body, and can reduce the risk of many chronic illnesses. Aside from the many dietary benefits, tending a garden can improve your health by providing exercise, fresh air, and the soulful satisfaction of reaping the fruits (or vegetables) of your labor.

  • Strengthen your community.

    At We Patch, we believe that communities are more than zip codes, schools, and shopping districts. Communities are people, and they function best when those people communicate and interact with each other. We Patch encourages you to meet the people in your community face to face, where the spade meets the dirt, and by doing so, make your neighborhood a more familiar place.

  • Reduce your carbon footprint.

    The food we buy requires energy to get to us. Whether that energy takes the form of oil burned for transportation, electricity supplied for refrigeration, or manpower employed in harvesting, the cumulative resources used to put food on our plates are substantial. By growing your own food, you decrease your contribution to this energy usage, and thereby reduce the quantity of fossil fuels burned in your name.

  • Promote sustainable, independent agriculture.

    Large-scale, commercial farming (also known as agribusiness) often involves the use of toxic pesticides and fertilizers that are harmful to local ecosystems. Agribusiness also advocates the growth of genetically modified organisms (GMO), and threatens biodiversity through its emphasis on monocultures. By planting your own garden, you retake control of the methods used to grow your food, and ensure that it is done in an environmentally-friendly and sustainable way.

Who runs We Patch?

Founded in 2008 by Seattle-based writer and sustainable agriculture advocate Peter Rothbart, We Patch is run by a group of enthusiastic and optimistic gardeners, all of whom are happy to taste-test your produce.